• Pursuing the upper limits of 4K, HDR (High Dynamic Range), and High Resolution imagery presentation.

    Delivering image and sound quality of unprecedently high specifications. Employing the highest quality of imagery available to the industry, this was filmed in 4K/60p・RAW using Sony’s CineAltra 4K Camera (F65). In addition, color gradation applied through HDR. Main audio recorded with an Ultra - sensitive 100kHz supported microphone for a world of Natural Surround Sound. Employing a level of ultra - high spec imagery and audio quality never before used, we present a guide to Miyako Island’s beaches that everyone can now experience from a display monitor. The translucent beauty of three - dimensional Ultra- high- definition imagery through 4K・HDR combined with the 192kHz/24bit sensational sound quality, High- Resolution audio that encompasses the listeners entire body creates an air of realism. A realistic experience, as if you were actually at Miyako Island.

4K Resolution

BT.2020 Standard

HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology


Miyako Island

Miyako Island 〜Healing Beach〜【ULTRA HD BLU-RAY(4K HDR) + BLU-RAY】

Item Number:VUB-5702   Price:¥11,880


    Time:60'+14'(Special Footage)
    Sounds:1. Linear PCM 5.1ch 192kHz 24bit  2. Linear PCM 2ch 192kHz 24bit  3. Linear PCM 2ch 48kHz 16bit


    Time:60'+14'(Special Footage)
    Sounds:1. DTS-HD MA 5.1ch 96kHz 24bit  2. Linear PCM 2ch 48kHz 16bit

Manufactured/Released by Vicom Corporation/Sony PCL Corporation
Production/Sales by Vicom Corporation
Release date April 29th, 2016

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Wrapped within Japan’s largest coral reef, this southern paradise boasts some of the world’s most transparent and beautiful waters.

A compilation beginning with Yonaha Maehama Beach, known as the whitest sandy beach in all of the orient, then to the famous natural arch of renowned Sunayama (Sand Hill) Beach, as well as the shallow and beautiful emerald green ocean that opens up from Toguchi Bay are just a sampling of more to come.

Recorded Images

■Ogami Island ■Masakadatsu Beach ■Ikema Bridge ■Higashi-Hennazaki ■Higashi-Hennazaki Lighthouse ■Nagamahama Beach ■Irabu Bridge ■Toguchinohama Beach ■Ryugujo Observatory ■Yonaha Maehama Beach ■Shimajiri Mangrove Forests ■Sunayama Beach

Special Footage

Yonaha Maehama Beach【14'】


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